For Early Years Practitioners

"I have never been on a course that has impacted so positively on my work and enthused me so much. The benefits I have seen already amaze me, particularly with the SEN children I work with and their parents."  
(Interactive Music-Making student)

Nobody wants to commit to a course without knowing what they are getting involved in or without being sure it is relevant to their work.  To help you work out if Interactive Music-Making is for you, you might find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you an Early Years Practitioner or other practitioner working with children Under 5?  Yes?  Then this course is ideal for you to learn from and start taking your learning back into work from the second week.  No?  That's ok, but part of the course requires you to run interactive music-making sessions for a small group of children under 5, so you'll need to make an arrangement with a local nursery, pre-school or children's centre before you register on the course.

Will Interactive Music-Making help me meet the needs of the young children I work with?  Interactive Music-Making is ideal for helping young children with known additional needs, such as English as a Second language, shyness, hard-to-channel exuberance, developmental delays, physical disabilties, diagnosed learning disabilities, language delay, confidence issues etc.  You might be interested to read about its relevance to OFSTED Principles or Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-Being. It can also serve as a lens through which unknown needs become clearer and an onward referral for clinical intervention would be the logical next step.  The course provides training in understanding the parameters of interactive music-making practice and when you might need to call on the involvement of another service.

Is this course an introduction to music therapy?  No.  Although the principles of interactive music-making are drawn from music therapy practice and the majority of the tutors are music therapists, the focus of the course is on the specific interactive music-making approach.  You can read more about it here.

Are you a musician?  No?  That's ok.  This course is designed for people with no musical skills.  It's ok to be nervous about singing and playing instruments.  The only instruments we use are the types of musical instruments any child can produce a sound on.  It is how you use them that is key and the course spends plenty of time looking at this and building everyone's confidence.

Are you enthusiastic about using musical activities with young children?  Many of us have sung nursery rhymes with groups of children while we are waiting for the next activity.  But in Interactive Music-Making, this music-making is the activity.  You will learn how to use simple songs and other music-making techniques to work on developing your children's potential.  Testimonies from our past students can be inspiring (you can read some of them here)

Can you commit to weekly tutorials for one term?  The course is delivered over 12 weeks, in weekly 3-hour tutorials. In January, the course will begin on 15th January 2020, with seminars taking place throughout the autumn term from 12-3pm on Fridays, with a break for half term.

Do you live near to a course?  The course is currently offered in South East London.  If you live beyond travelling distance to this location, drop us an email to register your interest and let us know where you are. Students do travel from outside London but we understand that travelling a considerable distance may not be practical for everyone. Once we have recieved your email we will advise you on how you can best access the course. 

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