For Managers

We appreciate that Managers of services for the Under 5s need to know that a new approach will add to their staff's skills in a way that is truly meaningful for the children in their care. Interactive Music-Making is a tried and tested form of early intervention that aids in prompt identification of difficulties, and also provides creative activities to help children when they are most in need.

Interactive Music-Making was born out of extensive experience working in a range of children's centres, nurseries, pre-schools and other care settings.  It grew out of ad hoc skill sharing that the Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Music Therapy Service were commissioned to deliver.  

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The testimonies below come from managers of early years practitioners who have completed the Interactive Music-Making Course and taken their skills back to the children in their care:

"I've seen changes in my children I didn't know were possible. Interactive Music-Making is achieving great things... I think every Early Years practitioner should have this training." 

“As a children's centre, Interactive Music-Making means that we can offer targeted support, early intervention and prevention. It ticks all the boxes as far as we're concerned and we can see children & parents thoroughly enjoying it!” 

"I think it's the most positive course we've ever had, that has really fed into our practice. I would really recommend it."

 "We can offer a wider and more targeted service, working with individual children ... It's good for parents too; it gives them lots of ideas, an enjoyable activity and an opportunity to meet others in the same boat. It means we can offer something for children on the waiting list."

In addition, the following two examples illustrate just how managers are seeing the benefits for the students themselves:

"She was a newer assistant. Interactive Music-Making gave her a specific role, which she could own. Her confidence grew, having a unique thing to offer and share with the team. It's been very positive for her, really developed her role in the team and elevated her status."

"It helped her to focus more and take a lead on activities in the Children's Centre, it developed her role tremendously. It's such a confidence booster to have a specialism. She supports others colleagues more now, delivering music-based play sessions and herself delivering small groups."

And all of this, for just £695 per person.  Click here to find out more about training your staff in Interactive Music-Making.