For Interactive Music-Makers

We know that the Interactive Music-Making Course leaves you inspired and excited to run music sessions, but sometimes you need help to keep them going.

So, this year, we continue to build The Motivation Programme: an initiative we have designed to better support you in your music practice. This includes three more termly CPD Events. We have decided to hold all three of our CPD Events online (this may change later in the year, subject to lockdown restrictions changing). The online CPD Events will be held on the following dates:

  • Spring CPD: Thursday 18th March, 4-5pm. Facilitated by IMM Course Leader Alexia Quin.
  • Summer CPD: Thursday 10th June, 4-5pm. Facilitator TBC. 
  • Autumn CPD: Wednesday 13th October, 4-5pm. Facilitator TBC. 

Please register your interest in one or more of the CPD Events here

It also includes an Interactive Music-Makers Request Form - if you've just completed your training, or would like some help starting your sessions back up after a break, take a look to see the different forms of support we can offer you (or just email directly).  

                                                                                                Click here to open form

'The CPD was fabulous as always!.... I gained confirmation that I’m on the right path with the planning of my sessions; being able to share some things that I’ve done; hearing other peoples experience of music/IMM n the time of COVID; general all-round support and loveliness!' - Carolyn Adams, Interactive Music-Maker since 2020

“I enjoyed the event very much and I appreciate the work you do. Thank you for the tips and supporting us to learn how to adapt to certain situations in group while leading own IMM sessions. It was refreshing and motivating, and I look forward to attending another event in the future.” - Ewa Sulwiga, Interactive Music-Maker since 2015

“I enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing experiences. I have taken with me fantastic ideas [with] which I will improve my practice.” - Augustina Guobadia, Interactive Music-Maker since 2016