April 2021

  'Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust is so proud of their collaboration with Music as Therapy International. This partnership has spanned more than 10 years, where Oxleas contributed 10k to the inception and delivery of the first IMM training. This has gone from strength to strength, not least with the endorsement of the Nursery World Awards as Highly Commended in the 2020 awards.'

Victoria Soper, Service Manager Specialist Children's Services, Oxleas NHS Trust

October 2020

The IMM Course and Network of dedicated practitioners recieved 'Highly Commended' as Finalists in the national Nursery World Awards 2020, in the 'Inclusive Practice' category. This looked at 'services or projects that promote equality of opportunity and the best outcomes for all children, regardless of ethnic origin, special needs, background or disadvantage' (sponsored by NASEN).



October 2020

    Music as Therapy International is currently a Finalist in the Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards 'Innovative Quality Outcomes' category, for its UK Programme, including the Interactive Music-Making Course.   


April 2020

  "We prioritise both helping [children] to develop and build their confidence, as well as building up their language development …Some families we work with are isolated from their wider families, friends or social networks and this has an impact on the whole family’s mental and emotional needs. So it’s really key for us to help them build strong relationships with their children and to understand the part that musical activities can play in this…Since I trained, I think I’ve been able to use IMM to help about 250 children & their families."  Kheeima Stewart, Early Years Community Coordinator at Quaggy Development Trust and Interactive Music-Maker since 2018 

"We strive across all our Children's Centres to ensure music is an integral part of the provision we deliver to  all our families, and having Kheeima as one of our Interactive Music-Making practitioners has certainly enabled us to deliver outstanding sessions for our families. I very much look forward to seeing where we go next with Interactive Music-Making and the journey Kheeima is on." Lis Day, Children's Centre Lead at Quaggy Development Trust.

...Read Kheeima's full Story Capture testimony here, on our main site. 

February 2019 

“The inclusive nature of the [IMM] approach enables children to participate irrespective of their starting points. Once given the opportunity to be part of a small focused group, children develop confidence and eagerness to participate in learning very quickly. Moreover, the positive regard which they experience in the group has a profound impact on their wellbeing and by extension their learning... [The enrolled practitioner] has gained a range of new skills which are beginning to be embedded in her wider practice…. I think this would be an extremely worthwhile investment.”

Catherine Byrne, Deputy Head, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Coordinator and Special Educational Needs Coordinater (SENCO) of Ethelred Nursery and Children's Centre, Kennington.

... read the full Story Capture testimony here, on our main site. 

April 2015

"Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust is proud to be support the practice of Interactive Music-Making.  It is an approach which helps children to form secure relationships and uses motivating musical activities to achieve developmental goals.  It has evidenced benefits for young children during those critical 1001 days when neurological development is so vulnerable.
I believe it to be hugely relevant to everyone working in the early years."

Maria Tanner, Service Manager for Specialist Children's Services and Transformation Services, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

July 2014

“Margaret has always been a fabulous TA and [Interactive Music-Making]’s built on those skills.  She’s now running a few Interactive Music-Making groups in the nursery, which takes the pressure off me.  It’s been a brilliant thing for Margaret, for the nursery and for myself.”  

Kate Jones, Head Music Therapist, Music Therapy Lambeth

 June 2013

Featured in Nursery World Magazine "My Best Course".  Read the article here.

May 2013

Continued support from Music Education UK, who featured our Advancing Healthcare Award shortlisting (read more here).

April 2013

"Congratulations on being runners up in your category in the Advancing Health Care Awards 2013. I am very pleased for you, and it is wonderful that music therapists are achieving such high profile recognition. You are doing the profession proud!" 

Donald Wetherick, British Association for Music Therapy, Chair

February 2013

Shortlisted for the Advancing Healthcare Award "Supporting the Future Workforce"

August 2012

Interactive Music-Making for Practice:  Working with the Under 5s – A report into an Evaluation of outcomes for the first cohort of students undertaken by independent researcher Anne Pinney, elicited the following examples which endorse the practice of our graduate interactive music-makers in South East London:

“There was a boy with social and communication needs in one of my groups ... He came out with his first word ever and kept going from there! I was able get him referred on to Music Therapy, music was clearly making an impact.”

“There's one child we work with who has downs syndrome, who loves IMM - as soon as I get the instruments out, he immediately pays attention, comes and waits for me ... it's an amazing tool.”

"I had a very active 2 year-old who preferred to run than sit! I joined him 'running' using the beat of the music to mimic his actions ... All activities were active first and then we encouraged him to slow down with the music."

“We had a young child who had no words, literally. By her second IMM session she was using words and she'd made significant progress (in speaking) after 4 weeks.”

“One child had cerebral palsy, he had a tightly clenched arm and hand. Over time he relaxed with the music and started to reach out, using his hand to feel the chimes.”

“We had a little Polish boy - English was a new language for him - he gained massively in confidence.”

“I worked with one little girl who had social issues … she was very introverted and not getting any support. She really grew in confidence.  Now she'll come and find me and ask to do music.”

 And how the parents of the children involved in interactive music-making have recognised its value:

 "For one child who had high end autistic spectrum and behavioural difficulties, this was the first time we found an intervention that really engaged him and that his parents committed to.”

 “There was a little Vietnamese girl who was very shy, she couldn't speak English ... and then there she was outside, singing Wheels on the Bus ... It was a real turning point, her mother was in tears.”

 And experiences of the course itself:

 "It's the best professional development I've ever done." (Graduate)

"I think it's the most positive course we've ever had.  It really fed into our practice. I would really recommend it." (Manager)

“The course seemed to me to strike the right balance between theory and a very practical approach.  [The teaching] was delivered with a fresh and different approach always making music the key, and helping me to view my current practice in a different light…” (Graduate)

April 2012

 “Many congratulations to you and colleagues... Obviously, a huge amount of hard work and professional expertise has gone into this success.  It would be great if there is learning that can be applied from this innovation, elsewhere in Oxleas.”  Helen Smith, Deputy Chief Executive, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

March 2012

Shortlisted for the Advancing Healthcare Award "Achieving Excellence in Training and Development"

February 2012


For those children for whom enhanced services in their nurseries are not sufficient, the Interactive Music-Making course enables quick and informed onwarreferrals. I really do see this model as best practice for early intervention.Lisa Thompson (Head of Therapy and Integration, Children & Young People's Services, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust)

October 2011

“Interactive Music-Making is an innovative course which clearly has relevance for practitioners working with children in an early years context in a variety of services.”  Jan Webb, Course Moderator, University of Greenwich